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Week 15

Wed, 06 May 2015 01:16:52 GMT

Dear All, Congratulations to all of you as we reach the end of this semester. I am proud of what you have learned and accomplished at this course. I hope you are ready to present your group projects on Wednesday. Again, there is no right to wrong solution. Just be yourself and have confidence in your knowledge. Attendance and presentation for all group member are necessary to get the 5% of the presentation credit! Please note that the final report due date is on May 8th and I expect all of you post your assignment online by Friday. I will provide feedback on Wednesday so that you can improve your work before the final submission. Office assignments and mini case-studies are due on May 8th as well. I will help you to complete all on coming Friday in our lab. If you have any other questions/problems, please contact me before the deadline. If you need extra credit to improve your grade please consider participating in this experiment: http://abhari.info/bus311/forum/#!/projects-assignments:participate-in-an-experiemn I will post your grades on Laulima on Saturday an d you will have two days to check and contact me with any questions. Lastly, kindly consider participating in eCafe survey by May 7: http://www.hawaii.edu/ecafe/ Thank You, Kaveh