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Week 9

Mon, 16 Mar 2015 09:36:22 GMT

Aloha, Hope you had a good weekend. A few notes and announcements: - We reviewed SCM and CRM systems last week. If you missed the class, please review the files attached to learn more about these enterprise solutions. - Next class, we'll review Chapter 9, IS Development and Acquisition. You’ll also develop a mobile app using Como platform (http://www.como.com/) for iPhone/Android. Please bring your laptop. You can develop a simple app for the college or any businesses that you like. - Last lab, we almost completed the database assignment. If you missed past two labs please check the Forum or Laulima for the detailed instruction. Six students missed one or both database labs. So, I’ll check to see when E102 is available to help all of them at the same time. If it isn't possible, I will set individual appointments. - Again, I recommend taking all chapter exams (8 chapters so far). Feel free to use search function ;) You shouldn't postpone exams, and case-study assignments to the very end of semester, as you'll have a final project to complete at that point. Please p ost the links to your case study assignments below my post on Case study on Forum (see, http://abhari.info/bus311/forum/) Thanks to Meredith, here is a very good example: http://mcardena.bus311.org/case-study/ - If you need an elective, please consider taking ITM387K: Introduction to Business Intelligence and Analytics, for the summer session II. See the flyer attached or http://abhari.info/ITM387k for more information. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, Thanks, Kaveh Attachements: SCM101: http://goo.gl/3isUyu CRM101: http://goo.gl/gBTm7e ITM387K: http://goo.gl/F8ub6A