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ITM 387e Mobile Commerce and Mobile Apps Development

Tue, 28 Apr 2015 18:54:01 GMT

Dr. Halverson is offering ITM 387E, Mobile Commerce and Mobile Apps Development, for this summer. I highly recommend this course. Below is the course description: "Customers today are on the move and using mobile application platforms to get there. With mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices, customers have all the information they need when they need it. That's why mobile apps are so important in today's markets. The course provides an overview of business strategies for companies in the digital economy, the mobile economy and business plans for m-business. M-business is the extension of electronic commerce, supply chain management, and business collaboration to mobile devices. The course will be hands-on and take place in a collaborative laboratory environment. No programming experience will be necessary, other than basic Microsoft Excel formulas and Word formatting. However, students with programming experience will be able to choose assignments that add or modify JavaScript, PHP and/or MySQL. Basic starting code will be provided for each assignment. A broad range of app functionality will be covered. Several working apps will be created from start to finish, including (1) an app with navigation and web content, (2) a simple calculator app, (3) an app using the device geolocation, email and text, (4) apps accessing commercially available free web api services (e.g., weather, flight info, political), (5) an app accessing a server side database both created by the student. Exporting your apps to native iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile platforms will be briefly covered. Prereq: ICS 101 or equivalent. Students will be required to purchase an Appery.io Cloud-based App Platform account and an educational discount".