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Anti-Judaic Christianity

Tue, 15 Jan 2019 02:53:32 GMT

I've been researching Judaic beliefs looking for answers to the relationship between two thousand years of antisemitism and how Christianity is taught and practiced. It now seems conclusive that Christianity is a religion that tenuously links the two religions, and is intentionally offensive to Judaic principles and philosophy. In fact Judaism as practiced and taught from the Tanahk undermines, and delegitimizes the Christian religion in essential contradictions that is not a natural prelude to it. The Jews do not believe in Original Sin, or in the ability of another person to pay for another persons sins. The central theme of Jesus is a belief that he suffered his crucifixion in order to pay for the sins of all mankind including original sin. Judaic theology believes that sin is a personal consequence of failing to live observing the Torah. The only way to correct for this failing is to apologize to God and to change the behavior. In Judaism sin is not an abstraction, or a commodity to be shared by descendants as it is in Christianity, but is not extendable beyond the individual to the group. So in Judaism Jesus could not have been a sin sacrifice for all mankind. This idea is offensive to Jews. In Judaism there is only one God and man cannot be God. In Christianity, with the Trinity, polytheism is introduced as well as a pagan like man-God. In Judaism there is no Hell, no Afterlife, and no Heaven. In Judaism Satan is not a noun but a verb meaning "a hindrance". In Christianity Satan is Gods rival who in opposition to absolute good is absolute evil, and is a personage. In Judaism Heaven is on earth in life while in Christianity Heaven is a sterile concept as a place of purposelessness utterly devoid of anything interresting and is the place souls go for accepting Jesus as their savior. Savior in Judaism is used in reference to political or physical harm while in Christianity it's an intangible term referring to resume from sin as a general commodity. In Judaism the Afterlife is the idea that you live on in the memory of your friends and family. In Christianity the Afterlife is immortality of something nonphysical that survives the body. But Christians never say where their immortal soul was before they were born, so it had a beginning. So the word Eternal is misapplied because it would have always been and will be forever to be eternal. Jews believe only God is eternal(no beginning and no ending). The differences just go on, and on, and on to the point that you begin to see that it is impossible for Christianity to have grown out of Judaism. In fact Judaism discredits Christianity on so many fundamental levels that the only thing left for Christians to do is to demonize, persecute, and abuse the religion, or to abandon their own religion as phony!

Sat, 16 Feb 2019 06:40:25 GMT

How do you know that it goes back 2000 years? Have there been Jews committing genocide for that long? Anti-semitism is a ploy to combat criticism about virulent tribalism & genocide brought about by the Jews world view that they are the world's supreme beings and that everything in this world is theirs to do with as they please. And why not think this way if you're a Jew? It's justification is in the scrolls that they canonized into a books that consist of stuff they made up. In other words lies about creation, their fictional patriarchs, other races and their claim to the resources of the planet. The way I see it, how can a rational person not be at odds with their evil behavior and criticise it? Going much further than criticising, responsible people should be active in combating the acts and effects of world Jewry.