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Banus - The Life of Flavius Josephus 2/11 Whiston

Fri, 24 Aug 2018 12:16:07 GMT

Hi Joe, any thoughts on the parallel between Josephus’s three year desert relationship with the hermit Banus (Life if Josephus 2/11) and “Paul’s” three years in the desert (Gal Ch 1)? The similarities suggest to me that Josephus has used his desert experience with Banus as raw material to build his Paul narrative of his experience of the cosmic Jesus Christ (Gal 1/11). When I lay my “three year desert” experience with Fr. Arnold (1982 - 1985 +) - The Virgin Coop - Biography pg 383, where I experienced an initial exploding then ongoing mystical revelation (un named by me at the time but I have since named it Robert Rosewood) the self mythologization by Josephus into “Paul” resonates most probable.