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"Deciphering The Gospels" Temple cleansing

Mon, 24 Dec 2018 18:10:09 GMT

A book by R.G Price claims the temple cleansing is a reworking of Hosea 9 from the OT. Although he doesn't tie it to anything specific from Josephus he comes to the same conclusion as Atwill. "Regarding the “symbolism” of “Jesus’ actions”, Price explains in Deciphering the Gospels that all of this symbolism is an invention of the author of the story; it is not an account of a real person undertaking a constant series of symbolic actions that corelate with scriptures and foretell future events. Jesus wasn’t engaging in symbolic acts to illustrate his apocalyptic message - the writer of the Gospel of Mark was creating a symbolic story about the outcome of the First Jewish-Roman War, that had just resulted in the destruction of the temple and the decimation of Judea."