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Flavius ​​Josephus wrote the Dissertation on HADES and not Hippolytus of Rome

Sun, 03 Nov 2019 14:33:45 GMT

For though it is possible, perhaps, to immediately break the chain of our irregular affections; however, our amendment cannot be assured without the grace of God; the prayers of good men; the help of the brothers; and our own sincere regret and constant care. It is good not to sin: it is also good to have sinned, to repent. How better to be always healthy, but it is good to recover from a DISTEMPER. To God be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen. (Flavius ​​Josephus - DISSERTATION V. Josephus' Speech to the Greeks about Hades - 1st Century) The interesting thing at the end of Flavius ​​Josephus' Hades, after dealing with such a terrible subject, he makes a joke: How is better to always have health, but it is good to recover from a DISTEMPER (DIARRHEA). In Jewish War Josephus refers to a diarrhea that the Jews suffered in Egypt. Who is there, who does not know that Egypt has been invaded by all kinds of Wild Beasts (the Jews) and consumed by all kinds of KINOMOSIS; as their land did not produce its fruit; (Flavius ​​Josephus - Book V) How they were woun ded (the Jews) with a disgusting KINOMOSIS, in the secret parts of their bodies, when their own bowels came down, along with what they had eaten; even those hands that robbed him were forced to bring him back; and this with the sound of cymbals and drums; and other oblation in order to appease the wrath of God for the violation of his holy ark. (Flavius ​​Josephus - Book V) Only Josephus knew this detail about the Jews and a BELLY PAIN or DIARRHEA to add to the Hades Discourse.