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Joe talks about Jan and why they broke up. Unspun unspund!

Sat, 30 Sep 2017 19:00:25 GMT

I posted this on Jan's Facebook page and then he kicked me out. To Jan, et al ‪Please allow me to retort. Jan wrote: “Joe did NOTHING to expose or research Wasson, much less MKULTRA. His whole agenda is to simply tie his bullshit to my valid work to give himself credibility - as he has none. “ For the record, I was the one who showed Jan that the entire basis for MK Ultra’s creation of the counter culture was found in Bateson’s letter detailing of how a slave state would be more effective if its culture was turned toward an archaic revival. I was also the one who showed Jan the N L P on the cover of the May 57 Life Magazine describing Wasson’s article that was part of Mk Ultra’s project to create a “Teen Age Allowance” for taking drugs. I decoded Wasson’s Genesis typology and was also the one who showed Jan the relationship between the conclusion of the Authoritarian Personality and MK Ultra. My analysis of Thetford and Schuman’s creation of MK Ultra’s neo-Christianity was done before I had ever met Irvin. The revelation of Burroughs creation of a fictio nal Ayahuasca culture was primarily my work. As far as the analysis - discussed on the Unspun shows - of Salinger’s N L P, Kesey’s cryptic masonic imagery in Cookoo’s Nest and his MK Ultra film, and the decoding of the lyrics of the Beatle’s, The Who and the Doors etc. in relation to the creation of the counter culture, this was all my work, as was the discovery of the article detailing the Grateful Dead’s masonic connections. I was also one who invented the term ‘Life Time Actor’ as a way of describing agents whose identity was part of the MK Ultra operation. I was also the one who identified the relationship between Ewen Cameron’s MK Ultra research and his claims against the German people. And this is a very partial list. Jan did do some original work and our egos will color everything but in my opinion any honest appraisal of the Unspun shows would conclude I produced the larger fraction of original scholarship exposing the creation of the counter culture. I would be happy to demonstrate this by working through the shows point by point with Irvin, detailing who came up with which insight and which ones we worked on together. Moreover, notice that even the statement I made about the importance of the ‘Wasson expose’ which triggered Irvin does not require any mention of him – as if such citations were normal or even possible during live interviews - since he was not the one who found the Sub-project 58 pay requisition and linked it to Gordon Wasson. Colin Ross did that and showed it to Jan. While I often make use of Dave McGowan’s research in discussing the creation of he counter culture in interviews, the only data point I often cite I can think of that is original to Irvin was his discovery of Wasson’s chairing of CFR meetings. Jan wrote: “Joe lied that his grandmother knew Jack Kerouac, and never mentioned any of this while we exposed these very agendas.” I am not the liar Jan. I believe you stated earlier that my grandmother “worked” with Kerouac. Whatever the case, please present your citation and the actual quote stating that my grandmother either “worked with” or “knew” Jack Kerouac or make a public retraction. I did not mention my grandmother while discussing C D Jackson’s production of Holocaust propaganda or at any other time because there was absolutely no reason for doing so. Many people were on the cover of Time during this period that, as far as I can tell, had nothing to do with the secret society. People like baseball and movie stars, General Patton, Hopalong Cassidy and Jesus Christ. Moreover, every author that I have exposed as in any way as being involved with the counter culture operation can be shown to have produced literature that was linked to the project i.e. Kesey, Salinger, The Beatles, The Doors, The Who etc. Craig’s lightweight, comic detective stories are not my cup of tea but I have read a few. There is nothing in them that has any relationship to the cultural debasement whatsoever. Therefore there was no reason to mention Craig because there was nothing to mention. Nada. Irvin’s no-evidence approach to my grandmother is simply his use of the fallacy of guilt by association. Jan, please provide a single passage from any of Craig’s literature that is linked to the operation to create the counter culture. As to why I left the show and what led to our on air blow up, please tell the truth. Post the Skype exchange we had before the show in which I said I had had it with your constant interruptions of my train of thoughts and I would leave the show if they kept up. You know perfectly well I yelled at you because you interrupted me once too often. Why try to lie about this? All chat box Skype exchanges are recorded. As far as Irvin’s bizarre claims that I am a Zionist, or that the terms ‘Caesar’s Messiah’ or ‘POST FLAVIANA’ somehow cryptically reference Zionism, or that I am a Jesuit, or that I am trying to “destroy whatever remnants of Tartary natural law, which still exist today as remnants inside Christianity”, Jan, please provide evidence or supporting analysis or I can only refer to them as the ravings of an unhinged mind. I noticed Irvin’s recent brainstorm that the merging of the theories of Fomenko with Natural Law and Jesus will reveal our ‘real’ history. I find this theory as plausible as one used as the basis for a Comet Cult. But it is useful in that when people ask me about Jan’s claim that “Atwill is a Jesuit disinfo agent and I have exposed him” I can simply respond: “Oh, just that’s Irvin, he’s nuts. Let me show you.” And send them Jan’s Facebook post – unedited - as evidence. Then people can read comments such as: “This is a key point that Joe omits from his sophistry while toting the official line that chronology is mostly correct - but a few small points. That Rome was in Italy and not Istanbul, and that Jerusalem was in Palestine, and wasn't Kazaria - inside Tartary itself. The Kazars hated the natural law that the hordes used to create their empire and that everyone wanted to be apart - which created the greatest empire ever known - the real Rome. They wanted to dominate and control everyone else. They were the anti-thesis to the existing natural law which built Tartary, but which today exists only in parable inside the so-called "New Testament" Wow, far out Dude. You have become an absolute laughing stock. May I suggest, as I often have in the past, Jan, that you stop smoking your high octane THC pot for a day? And then consider when sober the possibility that the people who are leading you to a faith in Jesus as a natural law parable within greater Tartary are not real friends. Joe

Sun, 01 Oct 2017 00:25:43 GMT

Joe said; to Jan, You have become an absolute laughing stock. May I suggest, as I often have in the past, Jan, that you stop smoking your high octane THC pot for a day? And then consider when sober the possibility that the people who are leading you to a faith in Jesus as a natural law parable within greater Tartary are not real friends.

Sun, 01 Oct 2017 00:28:42 GMT

I find this all very sad just as Joe is coming out with his new book, that Jan would try to hurt Joe, we all need to work together as the big boys want to kill us all off, and make there on world government, they love it when we fight each other.

Sat, 14 Oct 2017 15:47:49 GMT

Please keep this all coming Joe. I know that Jan has a troubled psychology as well as a deep genius (tale as old as time?), but it is exactly this divide and conquer (conscious or not) that we all need to rise above. All the best,

Mon, 11 Jun 2018 05:47:14 GMT

I would pay $50 to see the video of you yelling at Jan to stop interrupting you. It’s unbelievable torture listening to him aggressively shit on his guests for every single reason he can possibly think of and then some. I must say the idea of Tartary fascinates me but the environment around him that seems to be producing it is a bit on the nose. ei. repeated praising of the Book of Mormon while a Mormon guest is on.

Fri, 07 Dec 2018 20:53:52 GMT

I could never tolerate listening to Joe on Jan’s show because Joe couldn’t finish a sentence without Jan interrupting Joe in order to stop and fellate himself!

Tue, 11 Dec 2018 22:20:34 GMT

I think a great podcast would be Joe and Dr. revenue Gundry. Lectins are to diet what the Flavian are to Christianity.

Tue, 11 Dec 2018 22:22:21 GMT

that’s Dr. Steven Gundry