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Parthians in Judea

Wed, 21 Aug 2019 01:32:29 GMT

"Antigonus... roused the Parthians to invade Syria and Palestine, [and] the Jews eagerly rose in support of the scion of the Maccabean house, and drove out the hated Idumeans with their puppet Jewish king. The struggle between the people and the Romans had begun in earnest, and though Antigonus, when placed on the throne by the Parthians, proceeded to spoil and harry the Jews, rejoicing at the restoration of the Hasmonean line, thought a new era of independence had come.[77]" The Parthians were supporting the Hasmoneans which included the Pharisees and the Maccabeans against Rome with Herod stuck in the middle. The Pharisees were predicting the fall of Herod and the kingdom going to his brother(Pheroras). But Herod and Rome won. The magi may have also been Parthian which would explain why they were depicted as worshiping at Jesus birth(the Roman messiah). Conceding victory in Judea to Rome

Sun, 28 Jun 2020 23:19:45 GMT

"Unable to sail to Italy during the winter, Titus celebrated elaborate games at Caesarea Maritima and Berytus, then travelled to Zeugma on the Euphrates, where he was presented with a crown by Vologases I of Parthia. While visiting Antioch he confirmed the traditional rights of the Jews in that city."