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Paul as progenitor to the Gospels

Sat, 05 Jan 2019 05:42:11 GMT

I have long wondered if Mr. Atwill (or anyone else) has something insightful to say about the intervention of Paul into "Christianity". I have searched this forum and can find no pertinent references to Paul, nor do I remember any in Mr. Atwill's work. The evidence suggests to me that he could well be a part of the grand scheme of things that Mr. Atwill speaks about (whether a fictional or real character ) in corrupting a wisdom teaching which may well have been extant as the result the work of an actual Jewish Master . It is my guess that the Gospels were an attempt to co-opt and bastardize the teachings of a real master rather than an entirely abstract or original invention. But seeing how that Paul was in the employee of Roman Empire as a tax collector , and how profoundly he corrupted the original genuine movement (I presume ), it seems that somehow in the mix of things that he could have been an integral part of the Roman conspiracy to create a false religion. Thanks,