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Titus didn't "create" Christianity. Josephus did.

Tue, 07 May 2019 20:47:45 GMT

So go easy on me, I am in the middle of reading "Caesars Messiah", but I just want to get this little theory out there before I lose it in Atwell's narrative. But Josephus is a survivor of all these Jewish wars against Rome where he served a leading role, but suddenly comes to see Vespasian and Titus as legitimate gods and devotes himself to their service?.... Sorry I'm not buying it. Jews do not forgive, Jews do not forget, and Jews do not betray their own kind in favor of Goys except for very strategic reasons. More likely to me, is that Josephus, after getting his ass handed to him in these rebellions, became convinced that Jews would be genocided if they did not at least appear to assimilate into Roman culture. But how to convince these Zelot Jews? Basically, I suspect there was an "optics debate" going on within the Jewish community at the time. Religious Zelots were in the "Never cuck" camp, while many of the more atheistic and assimilated Jews had no problem with saying a couple prayers to Caesar if it meant they wouldn't be genocided and they could keep doing their bit. I believe the idea for Christianity was from Josephus all along and that Titus merely allowed Josephus' project. Basically, Josephus decided to learn from the Book of Ester rather than the book of David. Get close to the throne, use deception to gain power and protect the Jewish population, and get revenge in the end. Christianity as a pacifying religion served a twofold goal. First, it would pacify the Zelots who were threatening to start war after war until all Jews were genocided, even the more moderate ones. This would allow Jews to blend in with Roman society and begin to gain power and influence. Second, after the Zealots were pacified, it would pacify Rome itself. Christianity is multi-cultural, anti-ethnic, egalitarian religion. Removing Romans (and later Europeans) form their folkish religions and giving them a religion that is not only pacifistic, universality, and multicultural by default would allow Jews a greater degree of safety and security in Roman Culture. Not only that, but many Christians would be actually praying to the Jewish god, which I think Josephus would view as something that would strength the Jewish people and Yahweh himself, who I believe Josephus believed was a real entity.

Sun, 03 Nov 2019 14:38:44 GMT

I believe Josephus was not a Jew but a Roman, and perhaps Josephus was Titus himself. Hatred and satire against the Jews in both the Jewish War and the Gospels does not come from Jews, but from the Roman Empire.