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Mon, 06 May 2019 05:17:50 GMT

Just curious whether this is as good as it gets. This is a fantastic application that thinks the way I think but I'm a bit concerned about whether this is the boundary of what's going to happen with it. There are a handful of holes in the windows version which make me very wary of doing a department-wide request for the software. 1. It crashes randomly, just often enough to make me nervous. An autosave would be glorious. 2. calca associations are very hard when you lock things away in the Windows store. 3. Split/Tiled windows 4. Some form of autocomplete. Dream list aside, is any further development likely? It's a BRILLIANT idea (shocked something similar hasn't gained traction) but I'm very wary of software not in active development. The inability to associate (I'm going to registry hunt and see if I can find a solution to this) is a pressing concern.