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Problems with numbers greater than 52 bits

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 02:45:03 GMT

These work fine: 0x03ffffffffffff => 0x3FFFFFFFFFFFF 0x07ffffffffffff => 0x7FFFFFFFFFFFF 0x08ffffffffffff => 0x8FFFFFFFFFFFF 0x0fffffffffffff => 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFF 0x1fffffffffffff => 0x1FFFFFFFFFFFFF 0x1fffffffffffff => 0x1FFFFFFFFFFFFF 0x1fffffffabcdef => 0x1FFFFFFFABCDEF 0x20000000000000 => 0x20000000000000 Failures start here: 0x20000000000001 => 0x20000000000000 0x20000000abcdef => 0x20000000ABCDF0 0x20000fffffffff => 0x20001000000000 0x2fffffffffffff => 0x30000000000000 0x3fffffffffffff => 0x40000000000000 0x7fffffffffffff => 0x80000000000000 0xffffffffffffff => 0x100000000000000 This unfortunately means I can't use Calca as a fancy programmer's calculator (where basic 64-bit math is very common). Otherwise I think it could be quite useful for this niche.