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User Defined units definition question

Thu, 21 Mar 2019 14:15:51 GMT

Good Day: I'm a new user of Calca and am looking to define some custom units. From what I can tell, the system works well with units of the type: 1 ft = 12 inches, however I'm looking to do somewhat more complex conversions. For example: decibels referenced to one watt (dBW) is equal to decibels referenced to one milliwatt (dBm) plus a constant of 30. consider the example: 1 ft in inches => 12 inches defining this locally: x = 12y 1 x in y => 12 y dBW = dBm + 30 10 dBW in dBm => 10 dBm + 300 Is there a way to define a unit conversion that isn't a simple multiplication from one unit to another? Thanks for any advice.