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Collecting my thoughts about Torus

Tue, 07 Jun 2016 00:22:18 GMT

Thu, 09 Jun 2016 14:14:03 GMT

Eh, this has been going on in the tech industry since the UUCP newsgroup days (check out my Perl CGI script guys! It's way better than UltimateBB!). Granted the amount of head-bashingly-hype-it-up-brogrammer press-release-copy seems to increase as a function of time progresses, the second I read anything along the lines of "*design* is *capable* to *support* blah blah blah" my bullshit sensors go off. Look at the upside - the demographic who buys into all the hip container products (the same demographic who yielded Docker as the second coming, who had no idea LXE or BSD jails were before hand) is going to be the same demographic of people who reaches for this product instead of yours. Your your support IRC channel(s)/mailing group(s) will be spared having to deal with that influx of idiots. Let them take the bullshit hit for their crappy hype marketing. I'm sure any storage professional (i.e., someone hired to keep their networks and servers up, rather than 'just graduated from Stanford, hired as a "devop, time to put everything into Docker and EC2!")) will reach for a v etted tool whether it's hardware SAN, OneFS, Ceph, ZFS, or whatever fits their needs the best. On another note, while aware that a bonnie++ benchmark is about as frivolous as 'ab' in terms of gauging actual performance, what do you suggest using as an accurate load simulator to perform metrics? Andrew