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Goodbye, Single #4 on my replugged cycle is to be released

Ac(e) G
Wed, 12 Dec 2018 11:35:45 GMT

Due to a messed up right arm, and still can't holding still on music, i have wrote a song, where i minimized guitar playing and added other instruments i had an idea for, and were able to play left handed. Goodbye is a #Heartbreak,💔 #Heartache song, so i guess it's a topic everyone can relate too. This is a quite unusual song, and will get a piano arrangement for live (of course, otherwise i would have to split myself by seven times for that song :D). Thank you to Ms. #deBri🙏 for the #Artwork🖼️. Visit her on #Instagram, you might find an Image you'd like to have for your next Cover. If you ask nicely you can get it for a bargain. I had to pay a Dinner (i guess that's a fair price;), or you can offer her a donation to the animal shelter she's supporting! Stay Happy and have a wonderful yuletide🎄 [Goodbye_Cover1_web350](//