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How do I confirm many files have been added?

Thu, 07 Feb 2019 02:48:39 GMT

I am using ClearCase Explorer When I use it to display a complex tree, it only shows me folders without file contents. I've tried three things: command prompt window opened with ClearCase Explorer, the ClearCase Explorer window itself, and a ClearCase view. I added files to ClearCase using a ClearCase view that I opened with Windows Explorer. (1) How do I look at the entire tree graphically? I want to confirm that all my files are there in the VOB. When I right click on the tree and select Version Tree, it shows me versions and not filenames! It only shows me a three circles with an integer in each. There are hundreds of files supposedly in the VOB. (2) Alternately, when I use the Command Tool version of ClearCase, it shows me some of the files that I have added. The command that I use is: ls -recurse -view -long. I use this command after opening a Command Prompt window while in my ClearCase view on Windows 10. I get to the view via the Windows Explorer. My problem is when I use my Windows ClearCase view, to add the missing files, ClearCase tells me it's al ready an element and can't be added. The Windows ClearCase view shows "all" of my files. How do I confirm that all my files are in the VOB? Thank you, Michael345

Thu, 07 Feb 2019 15:02:59 GMT

Hi Michael, Did you copy the files in the view and then you select to add those files to the repository? Only coping the files to a view will make them only visible on your view. On Windows Explorer you can select the view and search for all files using the WIndows search *.*