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Users cannot access VOBs?

Thu, 20 Sep 2018 08:42:57 GMT

Hello, I am getting the following errors and would like to know if they are connected and if there is some way to resolve the problem that users cannot access certain VOBs: - db_server 33096 db_server.exe(426312): Error: Cannot open database - db_server 33096 db_server.exe(426312): Error: db_VISTA error -920 I have found that the db_VISTA error is related to the lock manager but I do not understand how are the two connected if they at all are. Any assistance is appreciated, thank you.

Mon, 29 Oct 2018 08:54:21 GMT

If the lockmananager is failing or not working correctly then there will be issues accessing the database. To properly look at it I would suggest opening a ticket with suppoort. Include in the ticket from the servers and client: SCT (UNIX) or clearbug (windows) Also: 1. what is the difference between the VOB's with issues and the ones without? 2. where is the storage located? 3. when it started happening and any environmental changes around that time The above information should allow support to start troubleshooting the issue.

Mon, 29 Oct 2018 17:28:09 GMT

This message means that the client could not find the Raima lock manager on the same host. Either it was not running at the time, or could not be reached. Determining the exact issue may also require a Process Monitor collected at the VOB servr at the time of the issue.