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Purpose of this forum

Sat, 22 Oct 2016 21:28:02 GMT

Hey everybody! This is Ivan. I've created this page on our website to open a line of communication between the coop and the community that supports it; especially our alumni. I want past members to be able to utilize our blog posts, newsletters, and social media posts to stay plugged in and current on the house. Then alumni will be able to give us feedback and support, and the house can use the knowledge of our whole community in its decision making. That being said I think this will be a place of discussion for things like planning the back-addition, incorporating as a non-profit, future expansion, new sustainable practices, roles and chores, and even posts about climbing technique. The potential for growth is endless. Finally, i'm very excited to have a place for past members to interact with current members to really establish a community with members that are familiar with one another (so feel free to make posts asking interesting questions meant to build unit y through interaction). In this way, we can work together -across generations- to keep this crazy train on its tracks.