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Green House Planning

Sat, 22 Oct 2016 19:52:19 GMT

Hello everyone, Ivan here. I want to open a space for some feedback on the greenhouse. I've attached a sketch of what we were thinking but here's the basic plan. We want to create 3 beds(colored red) that have pipes running beneath the soil so that we could heat the beds. We've been exploring options in solar, solar water radiation, and rocket-stove. What does everyone know about these? Are there any benefits or downsides we should consider? Also, if you recommend any of these, how would you go about installing the actual heater? (I think we could start a separate forum just for heating). Moving on though, you'll also notice big water tanks (shown in blue) that will catch water from the roof of the greenhouse with a gutter system. This will hopefully be a reliable source of water and also act like a heat sink. Thoughts? Additionally, in the center of the sketch is a circle with a big question mark at the center. We were thinking of ideas like a tree with an herb spiral, or alternatively, maybe something like a work bench. This seems like it will be the focal point of the greenhouse so this is somewhere we could really use some creativity!!! I know the picture is rather inaccurate so the size is not easily deduced. Its something like an 8ftx8ft space, and there is still time to more things around a little bit. (Note: we plan to remove the double doors in the greenhouse and replace it with a sliding door so as to create some more room in the greenhouse) Finally, please check out the rest of the website, facebook, and instagram for info on the work that we've begun in our ongoing greenhouse construction. The news tab on this website features some great new blog posts that highlight what we've been up to. [Forum drawing](//

Sat, 22 Oct 2016 22:01:07 GMT

Note about the heating I forgot: we were also considering an active air system that pumps warms air gathering at the top of the greenhouse back through the pipes in the ground. We were considering using solar to power this fan (perhaps it could just included with the house's normal energy usage?). The rocket stove would function in the same passing warm air through the pipes, but without the need for energy supplement.

Wed, 02 Nov 2016 14:37:07 GMT

I love the idea of an herb spiral in that center area, but as far as greenhouse planning, I think this space should be left open until the greenhouse is established and seeded (as far as the main beds go). I was thinking it would be cool to re purpose bike wheels and make sort of chandeliers and grow things from the ceiling (We could water with a stick clip!) But anyway what I'm trying to say is that we should evaluate the space as a whole, not just the floor. We can try and utilize different volumes of the greenhouse so movement within is fluid.

Thu, 23 Feb 2017 03:12:20 GMT

Just an update for all watching this forum. We've decided on the rocket mass heater and have made HUGE steps in progress! Currently, we've installed our UL103 grade chimney, laid all the piping, and created the burn chamber. All we have left is to incase our pipes in protective concrete (to prevent water erosion) and to create the cob manifold that the bell (burn barrel) will sit on. Stay tuned for a blog post coming soon!!