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Museum of Ventura County Receives Grant to Digitize Forty Volumes of Journal

Tue, 11 Feb 2020 22:16:18 GMT

The Museum of Ventura County has received a grant through CRG, or the California Revealed Grant, to digitize forty volumes of the Ventura County Historical Society Quarterly Journal. The Museum’s Research Library and Archives will digitize 40-years of historical writing, spanning 1955 to 1995, to be made available through the California Revealed website and on the Museum’s Research Library and Archives webpage in the Spring of 2020. “The Ventura County Historical Society Quarterly Journal is an immensely important local history resource. The Quarterly covers topics from the creation of the county to major disasters to important historical figures and everything in between,” says Research Library and Archives Director Deya Terrafranca. “The digitization of the first 40 volumes will result in a substantial increase in the public’s access to local history and cultural information.” The digitization and online access to its collections is an integral part of the Museum’s reinvention. The Reinvention Campaign includes six pillars: Relevant Programs, Sustainable Funding, Tra nsparent Governance, Robust Partnerships, Compelling Vision, and Accessible Collections. The Museum’s Library and Archives is working diligently to increase access to the collections by making its catalogs available online and digitizing historically rich collections like the Journal. California Revealed is a State Library-funded initiative to help California’s public libraries, in partnership with other local heritage groups, digitize, preserve, and serve online historically significant Californiana (e.g., books, documents, audiovisual recordings, and already digitized materials) to the public. Image: Main Street and Figueroa in 1863. Museum of Ventura County Image PN261. The Journal of Ventura County "Roll Over The Ranchos", 1955, 2019.