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Loading and Saving to Dropbox

Thu, 08 Dec 2016 06:07:30 GMT

I've just checked back to see if this has appeared; I see you can save, but of course what I'm picturing is the project itself saving to a 'Continuous' folder in Dropbox, where I could load my previous projects, add input data files or other resources, etc. I see that as pretty essential to 'real' integration of this tool into my overall workflow. Any chance of this soon? How do others go about transferring things?

Tue, 11 Jul 2017 21:32:43 GMT

Use iTunes. *1.- Connect the device *2.- Go to the sync screen for the device. *3.- Click ''Apps'', scroll down to ''File Sharing'' *4.- Click the Continuous icon... add files in the panel. About resources... it's also a problem for me... how to add pictures etc???