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Unity 3D programming with Continuous

Sun, 10 Feb 2019 23:14:23 GMT

I always wanted to be able to use Continuous for Unity development but didn't know how. Now I saw this article and wanted to give it a try, but failed. "" Having tried for hours I have had no luck yet to make it work. I'm on a Mac and use an iPad Air. I really hope that you or somebody else is able to spot where things go wrong? I have followed the steps but the build fails with the following error (for all the dll's): "Failed to resolve assembly UnityEngine @ ProjectFolder/Contents/Managed/UnityEngine/UnityEngine.dll". Let me quickly go over the steps I followed: I have copied all the .dll files from a Unity 2018.3 version to a folder called "Contents" and kept the subfolder structures (around 750MB). I then copied the "Contents folder" to the project "root" folder together with "Assets" and the "Library" folders from the original project.  Then I made a script to manipute the path for the <HintPath> lines to point to the newly made "Contents" folder structure in the "Assembly-CSharp.csproj" file. For some reason there is only an Assembly-CSharp.csproj (and no Editor) in this project. I then use iCloud to transfer the project to the iPad, it's a bit heavy now that I added 750MB to the thing.  Open it in "Continuous" and make the "Assembly-CSharp.csproj" the "Startup Project" file. And then the build fails with the mentioned errors. I will also just mention that when I look into the "Assembly-CSharp.csproj" info under References there is now a big list of Unity libraries with a "tick" on them. Are there anybody who can help me out? Thanks! Best regards, Rysgaard