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New Discussion: Oresteia

Sat, 20 Feb 2016 00:56:09 GMT

On February 18 four of us (Chris, Kim, Julie and I) met and began discussing The Oresteia. If you view the recording by following this same link sent previously, you will see my introduction to the trilogy. We decided to spend the next four weeks reading this and come together near the end of March for a discussion to wrap it up. The version I recommend is the Penguin edition, Fagles' translation. It also has lots of study helps, including a long and fascinating introduction to the work called "The Serpent and the Eagle." The theme of this work is dike (justice) and the hope for civilization to bring light to humanity. For 2016 we are changing our meeting night to the 4th Tuesday so our next get together is March 22nd. -- Good reading! Beth Harvey "Justice turns the balance scales, sees that we suffer and we suffer and we learn." - P. 111 in The Oresteia