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WY1332 (Northwest Ale yeast) - Comments?

Mon, 08 Apr 2019 17:50:43 GMT

Was in a bit of a rush to buy some yeast on the weekend and grabbed a pack of 'Northwest Ale' yeast. Without looking up the info online, figured it would be similar to a West Coast Chico strain (ie. WLP001). Looking up details once I got home, it looks like it's from Hale's in Seattle but they got it from Gales in the UK. Some people describe the esters as tart and something similar to Nottingham yeast. This yeast favors malt forward beers as well. This yeast is the default liquid yeast for the famed 'Caribou Slobber'. Was wondering if any of you have had experience with this yeast and any comments would be appreciated.

Sat, 01 Jun 2019 04:48:42 GMT

Just a follow up: Used the WY1332 yeast for a slightly modified Deschutes Mirror Pond Clone. Turned out great! The yeast is quite clean with a low ester profile. No notty type esters to be found. Oversized the pitch and fermented for 5 days at 18.5C then raised it up to 20.5C for d-rest then a cool crash to 14C for a few weeks. Perhaps higher ferment temps might not have been so clean. Needed a blow off after 24 hours. The krausen stays a long time even after fermentation activity has stopped. A few nudges to the cayboy helps crash the krausen. The yeast flocced well in primary and in the bottle. The yeast does showcase the NW style hops (Cascade/Citra/Mosaic) very well and still has a nice malt backbone. Perhaps not as super clean as WY1056 but accentuates the fruity hops in a good way. Would recommend WY1332.

Sat, 01 Jun 2019 05:32:53 GMT

77% Rahr 2-row, 13% Crystal 40, 5% Carapils, 5% Munich. Start mash at 152F. Target 1.053 OG. Target 25 IBU with Cascade during the boil (10 min addition). Mosaic at flameout. Citra at 77C whirlpool. Dryhop with cryo mosaic post fermentation. Target 5.6 Sulfate to Chloride ratio. Lactic acid to target 5.4 pH during mash.