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DAM usage question

Thu, 26 Jul 2018 19:57:32 GMT

We are in the process of implementing our first DAM. We are a very large hospital with an extensive collection of digital images and videos stemming back many many years. During the process of configuring the system some of what were looking to do wasn't standard operating procedure and I'm trying to figure out if its just with the DAM we're using or its more of an industry wide phenomenon and the healthcare sector is a bit unique. It seems that the system is set up to mainly run using IPTC protocols and then tagging seems to be targeted in keyword and caption fields. Is this common practice in the DAM world? Seeing as we photograph our own patients and doctors and own the rights to those images forever, it's much more important for us to know who or what is in the image (name, age, ethnicity, condition, departments and care teams, buildings, etc.). We've set up many custom fields to address this. We've taken this approach for several reasons. First we want to be able to use the DAM not only to find the assets we'd like to find but to also allow the users to find out a s much information as we have on the subjects without having to dig for it through consents and such. Also, we are hoping to run reports using different fields as the targets to compare. For example, we'd like to run a report that can search every image that is tagged in the subject field as having a patient in it and then see how they break down based on ethnicity or condition using those fields. Reports like that can allow us to shoot more intelligently so we can have a library that is diverse. Is anyone in the DAM world using their DAM in a manner like this?