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Selling all bee equipment

Sun, 30 Apr 2017 23:48:14 GMT

Hello all, due to life changing events I am going to have to sell all of my bee equipment. All of it is in very good condition being purchased in 2015 or later. Some of it is brand new never been outside. Currently I have 4 hives that have bees in them but can't state the condition of the colony. All wood work is painted with 2-3 coats of paint and primer. All hives are 10 frames. All nucs are 5 frames. I am wanting to sell this as a complete lot for everything I have at once. Asking $2500 for all of it. Best way to contact me is through email at: Most of the equipment is located in Salem. One hive with bees in it will have to be picked up near Walnut Hill which is about 15 min south of Salem. Here is what is included. 26 deep boxes with frames plastic foundation. Some frames have drawn comb. 19 supers with frames plastic foundation. Some frames have drawn comb. 1 cut comb box with frames 9 top feeders, holds about 3 gallons of syrup 14 screened bottom boards 3 solid bottom boards 17 inner covers 17 Telescoping covers 12 wooden nucs (5 frames plastic foundation, inner cover, telescoping cover) 5 deep nuc boxes with frames plastic foundation 13 nuc feeders 3 plastic nuc boxes 3 fume boards 2 bee escapes 3 metal queen excluders 1 plastic queen exluder 2 propolis collectors 3 sets leather gloves Mann lake jacket and pants (large) Mann lake vented bee suit (XL) Mann lake provent suit (large) veil Homemade bee vac Mann lake uncapper set Electric 8 frame stainless steel extractor (no name brand) 2 smokers Bottles Other misc bee keeping things that you acquire.