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Cycli and TENS

Wed, 13 Feb 2019 16:21:30 GMT

Bought the Cycli July 2018 with goal of strengthening right leg so that I could get back on my real bike. Had shingles in 2017 that messed me up. And I already had issues with MS which weakened my right side. Shingles was awful! Used the Cycli close to daily from end of July to end of Nov 2018. Holiday break. But had a persistence issue with weakened right foot. Could not do more than 3 miles on Cycli. Lost my momo for Cycli. But now to 2019. Received HiDow TENS XPD12 unit for Christmas. Just started using it with mode 12 setting for "muscle confusion". Hey now - that was great! Did 6 miles on Sun in 46 mins and 8 miles on Tues in 59 mins. Experimenting with TENS to both improve cycling strength and duration of rides. Anyone else using TENS with Cycli?

Wed, 13 Feb 2019 16:31:04 GMT

Actually the HiDow XPD12 unit offers TENS and EMS. I'm using the Mode 12 for EMS - muscle stimulation. TENS is for pain relief which maybe I'll need after a extra long cycling session!