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Improve data syncing

Thu, 29 Mar 2018 15:45:53 GMT

1) The Cycli app should use background bluetooth services to connect and remain connected to Cycli devices so that both the phone and app don't need to remain on and open to the Cycli app in order to sync data. 2) For users concerned about phone battery life, there can be a toggle to disable this feature, or it can be an automatic setting based on current phone charging status. 3) The app and Cycli data should constantly sync, not just when the app's dashboard view is open- especially when the app is open but displaying the "Groups" view which currently just shows the last known Cycli value and not the present one.

Mon, 02 Apr 2018 15:40:49 GMT

Thanks again for the suggestions! We will keep them in mind as we continuously push new updates for the app!