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Demand Response Program not working in GUI

Thu, 10 Jun 2021 17:15:28 GMT

I included PV system and Battery storage as the technologies used and ‘Demand Charge Reduction’ and ‘Demand Response Program’ as customer services. The system runs fine if I don’t select ‘Demand Response Program’ and I get the results. However, on including the Demand Response Program option and running the program, the DER-VET gives me an error. It will be very helpful if anyone can point out the reason why DER-VET is not able to run including the ‘Demand Response Program’ option? Has anyone tried using 'Demand Response Program' Option and was successful in running it? If yes, sharing any useful tips will be greatly appreciated. Additionally, is there any pre-defined case modeled using ‘Demand Response Program’ in the past that I can use as a reference?

Andrew Etringer, EPRI
Thu, 17 Jun 2021 00:50:35 GMT

Hi, and thanks for this feedback. Can you please describe the error you are getting in more detail, or include a screen-shot. This will be very helpful. We have found situations where the GUI will fail to run when both the length and end-hour attributes become saved to a project.

Thu, 24 Jun 2021 13:22:55 GMT

Hi Andrew, the Der-VET log doesn't really describe the error in detail but I have attached a screenshot. [Screenshot 2021-06-24 090624](// I have a similar problem when I try running the DER-VET source-code version. . The DER-VET program runs fine if the DR parameter is not active in the “Model_Parameters_Template_DER.csv”. However, while incorporating Demand Response program options it run into errors. Also, got similar errors while trying to run Demand Response option using storagevet and at this time, exhausted all possible iterations to get DER-VET working (including DR program participation). Below are the different iterations I tried to input for DR program option and the corresponding errors associated with it. 1) DR Inputs (keeping program_end_hour field blank) and corresponding errors : [Screenshot 2021-06-24 091949](// 2) DR Inputs (keeping length field blank )and corresponding errors : [Screenshot 2021-06-24 092031](// 3) DR Inputs (keeping program_end_hour fied as ‘ nan’)and corresponding errors : [Screenshot 2021-06-24 092115](// 4) DR Inputs (filling both program_end_hour and length as trial )and corresponding errors : [Screenshot 2021-06-24 092205](// Thank you for your help in advance.