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GUI validates against negative energy prices

Miles Evans
Tue, 06 Apr 2021 19:05:20 GMT

The GUI does not currently accept negative energy prices. This validation was meant to prevent concurrently performing size optimization and using negative energy prices (this causes concurrent charge and discharge for storage systems, see for more details). We will update in the future when we can. The workaround is to export the project using the 'export' button on the summary page, open the project.json file this creates, edit the 'data' field of the 'tsDaPrice' input in the file with the correct number of comma-separated energy prices (including negatives!), save the json file, load it back into the GUI using the 'Use Existing Analysis' button on the landing page, and run the analysis. This run should use the negative energy prices you entered into the json file. [DER-VET_GUI_Error04062021](//