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Drone stops during execution of a flight plan

Sun, 29 Apr 2018 09:54:17 GMT

After doing compass calibration in the DJI Go App, then switching straight to DH, the drone starts executing the flight plan, but after taking a number of shots on the 1st leg, it gets stuck in the air. The only way to get it moving is by pressing the RTH button on the controller.... The reason for the stop could be that the drone sends out a compass calibration error again to DH, and DH doesn't know what to do with it. But since the drone is able to fly back to the RTH position, I would guess that you could also ignore the compass error and simply continue executing the plan. I tried switching the plan, making some changes, but then I get a DJI Mavic Air error. some comms issue between DH and the drone...

Sun, 29 Apr 2018 15:07:39 GMT

Here a screenshot of the DH screen whit the drone stopped. https://photos.app.goo.gl/jyqGjqD8gt2CkYPA2 Watch the hourglass in the bottom-right corner. DH had become unresponsive. Even restarting it gave the same state back. I had to reboot the tablet, then it became responsive again.

Tue, 01 May 2018 13:17:17 GMT

Thanks for reporting this and thanks for the screenshot. The flight execution is carried out by DJI's on board software. After the upload of waypoints, DH is only monitoring the progress and interfering if we spot a deviation from normal execution. It is pretty difficult for us to understand what exactly could have gone wrong. The hourglass display depends on the drone state and it could be that due to some communication error (like you suggested), there was a timeout reached in the app, from which it could not recover. In general, we do not get many reports of such nature of the Mavic Air, so it could be hardware error. We will investigate further and would really appreciate if you manage to find more information about about how the error occurs exactly. Thanks! David