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First flight and some experiences

Sat, 10 Mar 2018 18:36:50 GMT

My celphone is a HTC 11, 64GB, 4GB Ram, Android 8 oreo 1) system language german and canceling a flight In the dialog there are 2 buttons : CANCEL and Abbrechen. It means in german the same. Change it to : Cancel flight 2)After changing second battery of the drone, the app seems to reconnect but there came a Warning from the DJI sdk : You must make the DJI Activation or the range is less as normal, like this... (DJI is activated correctly and flys with dji go normally) I tried to take off but dont work. What worked : Closing app with taskmanager, shut down remote controller, start controlerl , connect usb to app, start app again... 3) After problems in 2) the app shown again the photo symbol. I clicked on it and in the next dialog of the camera i tried to switch to film mode , but it switched alwasy back to photo. After I leave the camera dialog, it shows the correct symbol "film camera"

Martin Fuchsberger
Sun, 11 Mar 2018 15:01:08 GMT

Hi kohle, Thank you for your detailed reports. 1) Seems like a localization error, should be fixed in next update. 2) We have to investigate, I do not recall to have seen this DJI warning after a battery swap. Seems like DJI required to do a registration again after the battery swap. Might be tricky to get this resolved, as there is quite a lot of black box dependency on DJI registration / activation processes. 3) Thanks for reporting this, we have to look into this as well. Please keep up reporting such issues, they help us to improve stability and user experience. Thanks! Martin