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You guys are doing a GREAT job!

Thu, 08 Mar 2018 19:28:21 GMT

To Martin who has often made comments to me as a follow up to my posts, thank you. Also to all of the BRILLIANT droneharmony team members KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! On Mar 22 & 23rd I will attend a tower inspection training session that will include some actual drone flying time around towers. And during the week of April 9-16 I will again be attending another drone flight training session that will have a 500 foot tower with a guy wire setup as one of our training towers. So please keep me updated on when your new features are available for testing. I have had my Inspire 2 only since mid Jan and have only flown on Crystal Sky with GO 4 as my only aircraft and camera insurance is DJI Care/Refresh. As we all know the Crystal Sky has severe 3rd party app limitations. So I just today have bought an ASUS 3S 10inch tablet to host my 3rd party apps. I have no prior automated flight app experience and plan to use both droneharmony and Litchi. Litchi has a deal with Airdat a that gives a 30 license for Airdata and i think it is the Gold level. Airdata just released the capability to differentiate between more than one battery and that is great for the support of my Inspire 2.