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Missing tutorial for Beginners

Fri, 27 Apr 2018 07:22:01 GMT

First Congratulations for your fine work !!! As a Newbee for flightplanning, I missed a low-level step by step- Tutorial, an explanation of the function-symbols and a How-to-Advice. I.e. How can I begin a new flightplan without loosing the other flightplans I saved before. When I ticked the waste-basket, I have only the choice of deleting the flight plans. What will be deleted ? All flightplans ?The saved flightplans also or only the actual project ? Irritating ! Is it possible to add some function-key for "New" (Begin a new flightplan) and add the explanation of each other function symbol on the screen ? I understand, that the documentation of a software-project is the last priority on the schedule, but it's very important for your customers. Best Regards Jens

Tue, 01 May 2018 10:17:16 GMT

Hi mercur, Thanks a lot for your comments! You are right! A comprehensive manual and how-to videos for Drone Harmony are still missing, and we are working on it! In fact, we plan to supply our users with much more support material in the following weeks, and perhaps hold online training sessions for beginners. Stay tuned. In the meanwhile, you can find a lot of information in our blog and in youtube videos about Drone Harmony made by our many users. They are not perfect or comprehensive, but they have some detail and are a good place to start. Also, the in-app tutorials explain the basics. To your concrete questions: Saving/Loading plans: In the app you have the option to save and load states. Whenever you create a state (scene objects, plans and flights) that you would like to save for future use, you can go t o the menu -> Plans & Flights -> Save. Another option you have is to export the state and send, for example, per email to yourself or anyone else. This will attach a file that can be opened by any other device with DH installed, and it will prompt the expor ted state with all the information. Regarding the delete icon - it only allows you to delete either all plans (icons on the right side of the menu, all scene objects (polygons you drew/imported), or flights (trajectories that you flew with a drone and are represented by icons on the top-middle), or any combination thereof. Finally, remember that you can always undo-redo anything you do in the app using the tools in the left menu, so nothing don't worry to make "mistakes". Regarding starting a new flight "+" plan: For this you have the icon on the bottom right. It prompts the plan catalog, which allows you to start generating a new automatic plan. There is no limit to how many plans you can have at the same time in your state, so don't worry about deleting old plans to make space for new ones. Hope this helps some for now. Best, David