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VR (Virtual Reality) Meditation on Wellness and manifestation

Tue, 17 Aug 2021 01:29:38 GMT

An amazing write up 0n the implementation of VR on thoughts after experiencing warfare. Although not each one of us experiences warfare, we all feel trauma within caused by external and past events. So, through VR (Virtual Reality) we are able to improve our cognitive capacity. In simple terms, VR impacts the brain directly. So, why not give VR meditation a chance - a chance to retrain your thoughts, rewire your brain to think thoughts that positively consider your goals, hopes and visions for yourself and your life. These thoughts, send energy and vibrate your goals, intentions and desires, so as always, think right, you vibrate energy that lets the universe know, WHAT YOU WANT. https://moderndiplomacy.eu/2021/07/21/implementation-of-virtual-reality-and-the-effects-in-cognitive-warfare/ We have created a series of VR meditations for many aspects of our lives; career, love, relationships, particular achievements, addictions - give them a go. Part of attractin g your goals is not only having, but feeling the thoughts - and it's this feeling that truly attracts your goals. They can be found in the APP stores via our website! Let us know if you have any questions,