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Fri, 04 Jun 2021 00:19:53 GMT

WHY? DYL, DYL-VR and DYL-VR Forum is the place to come for all your spiritual needs but this is not only about spiritual it is also about practical it doesn't matter where you go or who you talk to they all tell you to start with a vision board. We agree absolutely a vision board is extremely important but vision without feeling really doesn't do a lot. Therefore we are building this community to help people access the tools, skills and capacity to not only see what they want but feel as if they are there and soon thereafter live their goals. Supported by connection to others and experts through our community forums, regular podcasts and interview, courses and the 'Ask Us forum' which allows our community members to ask their questions to our experts directly. We are launching our 3D Virtual Experiences that will help with all the major aspects of life (career, love, death, weight loss, marriage, child birth and death), community forums and two courses listed below. Stay tuned for live events, interviews, workshops and courses. Courses: The Law of Creation Achieve your wants needs and desires. The more you understand how it works the easier it is to use the systems. This course will give you a great understanding of how our minds are wired and how that relates to the energy around us. 30 Day Program Retrain your brain. This program gives you tools to find out who you are, to discover your core beliefs and how to overcome your limiting beliefs. If you need help figuring stuff out for yourself that will be a moderator online to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.