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Master Cleaner Day 6

Wed, 16 Jun 2021 16:36:17 GMT

Making it this far didn't seem possible on day 1, but i've made it. Hungry? Not really. More, I miss the flavour of food - but realize much of my eating had been out of boredom or escape from emotional struggles, worries and stressors. Over the past 6 days I've done more meditation, more breathing exercises and more just being rather than always doing and running from the next to the next. I struggle with a case of the worries, but I feel this cleanse has forced me to slow down, which in turn is slowing my head down - making for less worries, anxieties. My skin is even more clear than days previous, however still I think there's more to clear up. The whites of my eyes are whiter and my vision seems more crisp... ( I do wear glasses for nights and distance). Oh, and I had a runny nose the past few days... and mucus which suggests my body is purging. My brain is very clear and I feel quite alert making thinking very effective. I wonder if because there is less energy going to digest food versus now it is going to my brain. There isn't much coming out of me other than a lo t of pee - makes sense considering i'm drinking 4L + fluids each day. Since the start I have lost 5 inches - which feels really good. I watched the weight loss video again this morning as I am needing help seeing myself feeling my healthiest possible - this is getting me past missing the flavour of food.. and chewing food. As it stands I'm feeling strong and 10 days seems very doable.