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Master Cleanse

Sun, 13 Jun 2021 01:25:32 GMT

I decided earlier this week it was time for something drastic. I had a few unwanted pimples, itchy eye lids (seems like a bit of a rash), blemishes on my skin and generally not 100% proud of my eating habits. LIfe as it can, has tossed me a curve ball - or a zillion over the past 6 years so emotionally and energetically I felt It was time to cleanse. Our cells have memory, emotional memory - far better memory than our brains, so what better timing to cleanse the cells as i'm nearly through 6 years of curve balls! I would love to loose 10lbs too - not a necessity, but it would be nice. Usually the queen of ruminating and research; I condensed my research into 3 days and about 25 seconds of ruminating the Master Cleanse, I started Friday. I stocked up on organic lemons, grade b maple syrup and cayenne pepper for the lemonade and salt for the flush. I've elected to not use the smooth move tea. I didn't take four days to ease in - for me, it's better to do cold turkey. Oh, I've committed myself to 10 days. Day 1. Friday. June 11. I wanted to start June 10, day of th e lunar eclipse, usually a great time to start cleaning - but large meals and socializing got in the way, plus, I was not 100% ready with all the cleanse ingredients. So, I started the morning with the salt water flush. It's gross, tasted like i swallowed half the ocean.... nonetheless, it did what its supposed to - within 60 minutes I had 2 bowel movements. I felt cold throughout the morning and could feel everything moving. I made 2L of lemonade - tastes great (i think). I put the meat of the lemons in the drink so there is a bit of substance which is nice. I didn't feel terribly hungry at any point in the day, but found myself walking to the pantry randomly looking for a snack, only to remind myself I am on a cleanse. Apparently I have a propensity to eat when bored, when emotional and simply out of habit. Sat with a friend while she ate dinner, then went to another gathering with food everywhere - I thought the smells or being in the presence of food would bother me, but it didn't. I found myself more present with people as I wasn't busy stuffing my face with food while trying to maintain conversation. At this point I had been without solid food for 24 hours and on the lemonade for 12 - my friend said my skin looked much more clear than usual. Finished the day with hot water and the remaining lemonade. I did a brisk walk- 9km in so not too much exercise. I had an amazing sleep. I learned the value of setting an intention; establishing what that intention is, and what it is supposed to solve. After a zillion trips to the pantry, or thinking about delicious food, or looking at food on social media I realized I need to be intentional with all aspects of my life. What do I eat and when. What do I feel like eating vs, what I actually eat. How do I choose to fill my time, or not fill my time. Which words to I wish to speak? And why. So, I love to eat, but honestly I didn't actually miss food, feel hungry.. I'm excited for day 2. Day 2 Waking up I dreaded the salt water flush, but it went down easier than Day 1. 1 bowel movement. Went out for a 8km brisk walk.. I felt light. Like I floated - seemed like I was able to be more present in my walk, my mind, body and soul was solely in the walk. I found myself getting lost in the walk.. .the trees, smells sights even seemed to disappear. Sort of an our of body experience. Returned home, made 2L of the lemonade just as I did on day 1. It was filling, tasty and nourishing. I had about 2 glasses. I've sipped lemonade throughout the day. I'm feeling a bit hungry, but learning to switch my mind and focus on other... realizing that the hunger is more of a habit vs a need. There have been less aimless trips to the pantry or dreams of what I will eat when the cleanse is over. My eczema has gotten less itchy and pimples have cleared up. I learned the power we have over our minds. We can 100% control our thoughts; stop our minds from running and block out those negative phrases that pull us down. Day 3 I will report on inches lost. I've been using the weight loss meditation which is helping me believe and immerse myself into the body I want to live. Usually I do the meditation in the morning before I get up as I feel it sets up my head and spirits for the day.