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Happy Birthday June 16

Wed, 16 Jun 2021 16:53:05 GMT

June 16 The birthday of far-sighted astuteness *************** Your Greatest Challenge: not being suspicious of everyone and everything The Way Forward: to understand that being too cautious can sometimes block creativity, key ingredients for your fulfillment and success ************************************** Those born on June 16 combine within their personalities a unique blend of adventurousness and caution. Although hey have a vivid imagination and innovative inoculations, they are also extremely astute, possessing a willingness to be flexible without loosing their vision. Often having big plans and an uncanny ability to pick up on lifestyle trends before they happen, they rarely throw caution to the winds by speculating wildly. They are far more likely to plot their cause in life carefully, laying firm foundations for the future one brick at a time. They are at their least productive when they can take risks within a controlled environment where their goals are clear and where they can receive constant updates or feedback on their progress. They are at their leas t productive, however, when they fail to find a balance between their enterprising and prudent qualities, and suppress their risk-taking tendencies in order to play safe. Until the age of thirty-five, emotional security is likely to play an important part in their lives; they need to remember to leave some room in their structured lifestyle for fun and games. After the age of thirty-six, they grow in confidence and often become more assertive and self-expressive. It is important during this period that they don’t block their incredible enthusiasm, will-power and determination with indecision. They should be sure of what they wish for, as this is theme in their life when they are most likely to have the power to make their ideas a reality. Equally practical and imaginative, they tend to derive the greatest comfort and satisfaction from non-material pleasures, such as strong relationships or the beauty found in nature and the arts. They often life their life according to a strict humanitarian code, giving them compassion for those less fortunate and contempt for those who abuse power. When they have learner to be neither too impulsive nor too cautious, the strength of their desire for progress can be a remarkable power for the good, not just for themselves but for all whose lives they touch. ********* On the dark side: Inflexible, Indecisive, Anxious At your best: Earnest, Patient, Original