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Happy Birthday June 22

Tue, 22 Jun 2021 20:50:44 GMT

June 22 the birthday of breathless anticipation ****************** Your Greatest Challenge: dealing with disillusionment The Way Forward: to understand that disappointment is likely if you credit others with qualities that they do not actually possess, so don’t place unrealistic demands on yourself or others. ******************************* The romantic, affectionate and sensitive individuals born on June 22 tend to greet each new day, however ordinary, with breathless indication. For them everyday is an optimistic new defining where anything could happen; their imagination infuses everyday events and situations with excitement and potential. Whether or not they realize it, people born on this day are constantly seeking their personal nirvana ,be it the perfect love affair, lifestyle or abomination of both. Although they ca Abe practical and will often excel in their careers, personal happiness typically takes precedence over professional success because they feel that if they have the love of a soul ate the can achieve virtually anthill. Finding true love is theref ore of paramount importance to their emotional and professional wellbeing, and they may sometime s pick unusual partners. Until the age of thirty five they codes on security, and if they on’t marry young hate may prefer to stay at home of build up a network of supportive friends. After the age of thirty, however, they will usually fain in indigence and perform with skill in their chosen field. In their middle year, if they have not already used the powerful energies of their birthday, they will get another opportunity to achieve success. Although they can keep romance alive one after the routine of daily lie has stripped away Buch of its mystery, they do need to look at the surface as well as the depths of the people they are attracted to. If they don’t keep their feet on the ground by listening to other people’s perceptions, they may find that they are left feeling isolated in their fantasy world and doomed to disappointment in love. However, such is their zest of life and enthusiasm, for intellectual and sensory stimulation that they will not stay down for long, finding consolation in their professional interests, friends, movies, and, o course hitter belief that today mayjustw be the day when something or someone wonderful enters their lives. ********** On the dark side: Naive, dreamy, confused. At your best: Imaginative, sensitive, romantic