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Medical marijuana for 91 year old with advanced vascular dementia?

Sun, 05 Nov 2017 22:15:42 GMT

We moved my 91 year old father who has advanced vascular dementia and seizure disorder, from his home in Southern California 7 weeks ago. He now lives here (Bay area) near family in the memory care section of a senior facility while my 88 year old mom is in the assisted living section of same facility. Dad's adjustment has been extremely challenging, as my mother has been his only Caregiver. Dad's aggressive and physical behavior toward mom, particularly concerning bathing, toileting, grooming had reached an unsafe level before we moved them. Now he lashes out and is combative toward the Memory Care staff (mostly in the morning hours), has trouble sleeping, and has lost weight. We're worried he won't be able to stay if his "behavior" does not calm and it's also troubling to see him so upset. His speech is now about 95% unintelligible. Is medical marijuana an avenue we should investigate? Are we expecting too much too soon? Or do we need to start with a new medication review? He is on the following medications: Donepezil hcl10 mg, 1x evening; enalapril 5mg,2x/day, gab apentin 100mg, 3Xday; hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 mg, 3 days/week; Lamotrigine 125mg 2x/day; levothyroxine .05mg 1x/day; acetaminophen 500mg/2X/day; aspirin ec 81mg 1x/day; sertraline 75 mg, 1x/day; trazadone 75 mg, bedtime. His medications are crushed and put into ice cream, a favorite "food". Our family is so anxious to have dad comfortable and as "happy" as possible for whatever time he has left.

Tue, 06 Mar 2018 12:48:01 GMT

So sorry, was having technical difficulties. Combativeness during care is not unusual. I am glad to see they are not trying to treat him with Ativan or Xanax, (think shot of vodka). Actually those meds are OK for most if it is just for an episode, such as a needed procedure in the hospital and the treatment is ~ 1-2 days, but it often leads to more agitation if given for a long time. This is a challenge. He may need other meds to stabilize his mood. See our medication page. also giving him pain medication, the Gabapentin can help with nerve and muscleskeletal pain. Another idea would be long acting Tylenol 1 tab twice a day ( ask your doctor, don't use with liver disease). If he is still having a challenge, we can see him in the bay area.