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Brian White.

Enspire Productions
Tue, 05 Mar 2019 01:49:43 GMT

Title of Artwork: “Together” Description of Artwork: This is an image of a newly wed couple with their newborn. No matter what happens in life, these two will love their child deeply. The two of them will be the home for this child forever and always care for and love this child. No matter what the child may do in the future as well, the child will always have a place to call home- and that being, anyplace that the two of them may be. File: [attached] [DSCF0289 - Brian White](//muut.com/u/enspire/s3/:enspire:E4v1:dscf0289brianwhite.jpg.jpg) Like this post or leave a comment to help send this submission to a judge. (Reminder: The top 20 posts with the most interactions go to the judges!)