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Firealpaca autosave turned off and now it's crashing nonstop?!

Sun, 03 Sep 2017 13:59:23 GMT

Okay so I was drawing a normal picture (It was 17500x16000) And I got a message that the auto save had turned off I clicked the X on the message because I didn't know what it was Then firealpaca crashed. Luckily I had saved it a bit before it crashed, so all that was lost was the background I was making (It's pretty bad) I started it back up, and it crashed a bit later again. I tried to export the picture and it crashed. Tried again, it crashed. I tried ANOTHER TIME, and I got the file open before it crashed. Eventually it let me try and export it, but it said there was a Memory error so it didn't let me export it. Then it crashed. I tried making the canvas smaller. It crashed. I tried moving the picture. It crashed. I looked it up MANY TIMES and got no results Apparently this has never happened before?!??!?!? I got pretty angry, and spent a day searching up if uninstalling firealpaca would delete my MPD files, since it said "Uninstall Firealpaca and all of it's components?" Eventually I gave up and just uninstalled it and then reinstalled it with the firealpaca setup th ing I had saved I don't know if I have to remove that too But I got back into firealpaca And it crashed. I opened the picture. It crashed. I tried everything over again (except for uninstalling it again) and it STILL IS BROKEN. I can't export my picture or anything like that And nobody bothered to help me with it What am I supposed to do!??! Is my MPD file corrupted or something?! I did a test export with a scribble on a 9000x9000 drawing and it worked, I have the picture saved, but not the one I'm working on!? Can somebody help pls?

Sun, 15 Jul 2018 15:59:13 GMT

Same! My Firealpaca said the memory was full and refuses to work. I tried restrting my computer, but it doesn't work. You wrote this last year, did you manage to fix it???

Sun, 15 Jul 2018 16:01:20 GMT

I also can't close off Firealpaca because I'm working on my brother's 18th birthday present (an animation) and I don't want to accidently delete all of my work.