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Command line milldrill errors

Sun, 26 Feb 2017 10:44:28 GMT

I'm getting errors when running: millholes torchy-03.drl -tools 1,2 -tooldia 0.12 -outname torchy-03.drl_mill I see: ERROR: Unknown parameter: outname while executing "millholes torchy-03.drl -tools 1,2 -tooldia 0.12 -outname Drill" doing help milldrill gives: Create Geometry Object for milling holes from Excellon. millholes name [tools] [tooldia] [outname] name <str>: Name of the Excellon Object. [tools <str>: Comma separated indexes of tools (example: 1,3 or 2).] [tooldia <float>: Diameter of the milling tool (example: 0.1).] [outname <str>: Name of object to create.] [-timeout <int>: Max wait for job timeout before error.] scale my_geometry 4.2 I'm using the github master on Fedora Linux. the rest of script (isolate, PCB outlines etc.) runs OK There's clearly an issue since commit f77403b0f when the commands were migrated to new architecture. It doesn't accept any command options at all at present.