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Convert FlatCAM cnc to HPGL

Mon, 28 Nov 2016 02:01:45 GMT

C source now available to convert FlatCAM output to use with a plotter. File as produced is suitable for use with Roland DXY-980. Consecutive duplicate lines are replaced. Have included a test cnc file to run against, is rather large in size, but should take under a second to convert, based on a Intel Core2 Duo CPU 1.80GHz (Lenovo T61) with 2GB memory. To use with other makes & models of plotters replace initialisation from start of file up to first PU instruction with required init commands & from last PU to end of file with your required commands. Lines to change in source code are: const char CNC2_PROLOGUE[] = ".@;1:IN;\n" "SP;\n" "VS5;\n" "SP1;\n"; const char CNC2_EPILOGUE[] = "SP0;\n" "SP;\n" "IN;\n"; source & instructions available at: https://github.com/ozzyrob/cnc2hpgl/tree/master/C_Source

Mon, 12 Dec 2016 00:06:55 GMT

Hi Ozzyrob, Thank you for this code, I will try it on first occasion.