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Feature Request

Sat, 09 Jun 2018 19:25:19 GMT

I think this has come up before, and if it has, I apologize for the overlap. My PCB process requires plotting with ink or laser on the copper area to be left, not isolation routed. I've followed the instructions to use the "paint area" on selected polygons, and that seems to work well, but it has the obvious disadvantage that you must select each copper area one at a time and generate the painted area. Is there some way to select all the polygon areas for paint area generation simultaneously?

Marius Stanciu
Sun, 10 Jun 2018 14:38:29 GMT

Yes, there is. There is a Paint All function. But it is not in FlatCAM 8.5. You either use the development version which implies that you will install the Python toolchain or if you use Windows, you can also try one of the Nightly's that I post from time to time (just posted one). In the Nightly's there is also explicit support for Laser, replacing the Z commands with M3 - M6. You select this in the postprocessor combobox. Although latest version is only x64 so this might no work if you don't have a 64bit Windows OS.

Sun, 10 Jun 2018 21:13:08 GMT

Great! I'll download that one. I do use Windows, and a 64 bit version, so that sounds like the right approach. Many thanks.