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TCL command "cutout" behave differently

Sun, 07 Jan 2018 00:19:26 GMT

This the manual for the `cutout` cutout command : --- help cutout Creates board cutout. > cutout name [-dia <float>] [-margin <float>] [-gapsize <float>] [-gaps <str>] name <str>: Name of the object. [-dia <float>: Tool diameter.] [-margin <float>: Margin over bounds.] [-gapsize <float>: size of gap.] [-gaps <str>: type of gaps.] --- The only mandatory option is `name`. All the others are optionals. But if I omit the optionals parameters, i get an error. In order to make the command work, I have to give all the parameter. It's a very small annoyance but it's not supposed to be this way. Also, is there any good reason why there isn't an option `[-outname <str>]` like in the commands : --- open_gerber open_excellon isolate cncjob drillcncjob --- Thanks Iouraxos