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Why web developers are using PHP frameworks?

Fri, 11 Aug 2017 15:11:29 GMT

When it comes to developing customized websites with dynamic functionalities, web developers use a wide range of programing languages to write code for websites. Among these languages, PHP is the widely used programming language for websites and web apps. Developers use this language to write custom codes for every functionality present on a site. However, writing every time from the scratch is time consuming. To save their time, developers created PHP frameworks. PHP frameworks are reusable software that offer universal platform for other developers to build websites and apps. You can also call them library of code that allows developers and California web development companies to create web sites and web solutions in standardized way. These frameworks have simplified development. Now they don’t need to write same code again and again for every page. Developers are using these frameworks because: • They are reusable and maintainable, which facilitates the speed of web development process. • They also offer high level of security & scalability. • Frameworks also enabl e developers to adopt modern web development practices like OOP. For more info