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Update With Chloe Rivas

Fullride Christian
Fri, 25 Mar 2016 22:09:43 GMT

This Past week I caught up with Chloe Rivas, an outstanding softball player out of California... We last spoke in September of 2015 and since that time she has made a decision on where she will be attending and playing college ball! When I last spoke with Chloe she had gained some interest from D1 colleges around the country, and when asked about where things stood during the process she had some exciting news! "My recruiting process went very well actually. This past January I took an unofficial visit out to Las Cruces, New Mexico to visit New Mexico State University. They were showing interest in me, so I visited the campus, and the next day I went to the camp to try to get their interest in me more than what they already had. I went out and hit a home run my first at bat, and hit a double my second at bat. I trotted out to the mound the second inning, where i struck out 4 batters and 1 girl popped out to left field. (we had to pitch five batters no matter what the outs were.) Later that evening I had a meeting with Head Coach Kathy Rodolph, and Associate He ad Coach Catherine Heifner where they had offered me an athletic scholarship... After lots of thinking, I accepted the offer and now am verbally committed to New Mexico State University!" I also took some time to ask how her current season and school year were going "I am in the middle of my sophomore year and currently in the middle of my high school softball season. In 13 games of play, I have a .571 batting average, with 12 RBI, 7 doubles, 2 triples and 1 home run. I am also a right handed pitcher, and in 42 innings pitched I have 56 strikeouts and a 1.83 earned run average (ERA). My opponent batting average is .193." When asked how her fall went, Fall shaped up very well with my travel ball team. We are looking very good this year, and looking to go far in PGF, tournaments and other National events. I asked Chloe what she had been doing this year to improve for what was ahead in her career, "To improve throughout the year, I have been reaching out to my teammates more on my high school team, being a big sister to them. Whether its an issue at home, school or an issue in their game, I'm always there to try and help. I'm focusing on being a real leader, on and off of the field." When asked what she wanted to improve on in her game, "I would like to improve on being a vocal leader. I talk on the field, but sometimes I catch myself not talking at all during a game. I would also like to improve on being more precise with my pitching. I work in the backyard/garage, on where i want my pitch to start, and where i want my pitch to end. For example, on my riseball, on a 0-0 count i want my riseball to start at the knee and rise to the chest, or on a 0-2 count, I want it to start at the belly button and end at the eyes. For my hitting, I just want to be a tough out. Whether it is just simply moving my runner into scoring position, or moving her 60 feet closer to home. We want to score runs, so the most important thing is scoring my teammates, moving them into scoring position and getting on base." When asked about her summer plans, "This coming summer, my team, Firecrackers Blanco 16u, we are playing in tournaments, PGF qualifiers, and National events. As far as national events, we will be spending a week in Colorado fighting for a national championship, as well as a week in New York. As far as qualifying for PGF, we will be spending another week in Huntington Beach, CA also fighting for a championship. We have a good team, and I believe that we have a run for a championship in any of these tournaments. We have great defense, power hitting, slap hitting, small ball, a great pitching staff and a great catching staff. But most of all, we are a TEAM. We have confidence in one another, we hold each other accountable. We pick each other up, we give each other confidence. Everyone doesn't hear it, but as long as our teammates hear it, that's all that matters. When i'm on the mound, a simple "hey, i got your back. Pitch your game, we will make the plays." makes my confidence boost up like there is no tomorrow! or when you give your teammate a high five before an at bat and say "Hey, get the job done," it means everything to us as a player, and to me that's a championship team." Congrats on the commitment Chloe! And good luck with this season and summer! Read Chloe's original article on our Athlete of the Week page by clicking here http://www.fullridenation.com/athlete-of-the-week/athlete-of-the-week-chloe-rivas

Sat, 26 Mar 2016 22:54:25 GMT

This is awesome that you guys take the time to talk with Athletes and follow up after articles! Congrats on your offer Chloe! Great to see athletes moving to the next level!!